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In memory of Piet F. Van Allen

In memory of Piet F. Van Allen

(1955-2008) Actor, Composer, Director, Musician, Singer, and Teacher. Help honor Piet by sharing your memories and photos with his friends and family.

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    Just now finding out...

    January 3, 2011

    My name is Meg. I live in Kansas City. I just called Piet's old room mate to give him the news and we cried and remembered.
    I visited Piet in San Francisco some years back and kept in some touch with him ...He was very important to me. He took care of me during a very difficult time... made me lamb with mint jelly, took me on motorcycle rides, planted a garden with me, started a classical quartet, we helped each other move a few times (!), and we kept in touch. The last time I found him he had left a message on a coffee shop board that someone who knew me found. :) "If you know Meg, tell her to call me..." ..that sort of thing.
    I am a teacher now, too. I don't think he ever knew. Math, not music. :)
    He will be missed.

    Added on 2011-01-03 09:40:06

    Has it really been 2 years ago you left us?

    April 14, 2008

    I am thinking about you often. I'm singing Santuzza and I can't help but smile every time I scream "A te la mala pasqua" you loved that line and made me buy 1/2 easter eggs when we were in it are still in our lives.

    Added on 2010-04-09 03:49:49

    Miss you Piet (10-16-1954 to 4-14-2008)


    So many times I wish I could talk to you, especially after "normal" folks are asleep here in the Eastern Time Zone. Miss you much. Nous chantons "Canticle de Jean Racine" dans la chorale a l'eglise. J'enseigne les mots Francais aux choristes comme je l'ai fait a la chorale au lycee. Tu me manques beaucoup. "Welterustin" Afectueusement, Marcelle

    Added on 2010-02-05 02:42:00

    I miss you Piet!


    Oh Piet,
    It's been a year today since you left us.
    I think of you often and wonder what it would be like today if you were still here. I miss you!
    I still hear your voice, your laugh and the last words you said to me.
    Rest in peace, my dear!

    Added on 2009-04-14 19:48:40

    Hi, Ken


    I am Piet's older sister, Sue.
    Just read your tribute to Piet, thank you for submitting such kind words. Would you mind getting in touch with me. I have Piet's personal belongings. My other sister and I will be arriving in SJ on 11-8-2008 and will be sorting through his personal effects for one final time. Would like to hear from and possibly speak with you. I know how hard it is to hear bad news and regret not making that phone call. Please let me know if you get this message. My email is
    Thanks again for your friendship to my brother. We all miss him terribly.

    Added on 2008-09-20 10:29:11

    In Memory of Piet


    Piet was my very first friend in San Francisco. In the fall of 2000, I was living in Winnemucca, Nevada working on an internship. I took a long weekend to make the six hour drive to my aunts house in the Inner Sunset. I arrived at night and woke the next day to foggy San Francisco light - the first in my family to do so. After some sightseeing my cousin dropped me off in the Castro and left me to fend for myself - my suggestion. A must see was the Starbucks on 18th Street, a popular hangout. I was sitting on the outdoor bench and a cute leather bear of a guy sat down on my right. Piet was in a summer leather outfit - policeman's hat, aviators, black graphic t-shirt, leather shorts, boots. He started talking with me and in that brief time outside 'Starbears' we became friends. Piet introduced me to all the regulars.
    Subsequent visits that year (five weekends) I stayed with Piet in his apartment above a convenience store on Silver Avenue. We became more than friends. He looked out for me, after all, I was 25, recently out, naive, and in the biggest city I've ever been in. He cooked frugal and creative meals, He sang opera for me. Picked me up in his packed full (of what I don't know) van when I needed a ride or drank too much. Piet introduced me to San Francisco, it's inhabitants, and it's charming and friendly spirit. He rarely ate at restaurants, but he had a favorite mexican place in the Mission, and, in typical Piet style, we split a meal to save some money. Sometimes Piet was so frustrating and bewildering.
    We hung out at the Loading Dock, the Castro Country Club, the beach, and he was always introducing me to his friends and acquiantances. He took me to Glen Canyon Park, among other not well known places in the City. A couple times I picked him up from the school on Geary where he was teaching, we'd zip out to the beach before the sun set.
    Eventually, I went back to Ohio to finish school. After graduation in 2003 I made a bee line to San Francisco and Piet let me stay in his spare room for months.
    He was always generous, funny, and yes eccentric, but always there.
    After getting on my feet, and finally finding stable affordable housing, I was able to just scratch the surface of returning the favor of his kindness by letting him crash at my place once or twice. I took him to the doctor once. But that was a couple years ago. I lost contact. I stopped interacting with Piet. His bohemian lifestyle was not conducive to me trying to make it in the Castro, I told myself. I needed a more stable role model, I told a friend. Time did what it usually does and years went by.

    Off and on I would think about tracking him down, that I should, that I want to see how he's doing. Just the other day I was wanting to do this.
    Sunday, yesterday, (06/22/08) one of Piet's friends came up and told me the news of his death.
    I immediately searched him on the computer. I Google'd Piet. "Piet Van Allen RIP" was listed among the several entries by and about Piet. Piet's dead? It was hard to believe yet true.
    I left the club which was not too far from his old apartment. I walked to Bayshore and along part of the 24's path, which I took many times to and from his place several years earlier.
    Good bye Piet, you'll be missed. I regret no getting in touch, not keeping in touch. Bye Pietie.

    Added on 2008-06-25 22:20:22

    Piet's Funeral


    I am so so sorry that I am unable to attend Piet's funeral. I will be in Washington DC all week. My deepest sympathy to the Van Allen family and all of Piet's wonderful friends.

    Piet is in my prayers daily.

    Added on 2008-05-01 15:38:49

    Funeral Arrangements

    Tuesday, May 6th

    The services for Piet are scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday, May 6th at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on 2nd Street in San Jose.

    Everyone is welcome to join Piet's sisters Marcia & Sue and his brother Bill to honor his memory.

    Added on 2008-05-01 14:06:38

    memory of Piet


    I went to junior high and high school with Piet. So sad to hear of his sudden death, especially with his mother passing a couple of days later.

    Heartfelt sympathies to all who knew and worked with him.

    Added on 2008-04-30 19:47:18

    MaryAnne and Piet

    February 2004

    MaryAnne and Piet

    Pearlfishers at Opera San Jose. Having fun backstage.

    Added on 2008-04-29 16:34:38
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