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4 Fancy and Cool Bedroom Ideas (the Applicable Inspirations)

Home Design 4 Fancy and Cool Bedroom Ideas (the Applicable Inspirations)
Teen Bedroom

Bedroom is important place when building a home. You sleep and rest in this room after busy day. Moreover, you can have personal activity or thing to do without bothering others. To create cool bedroom ideas, you should consider several options to fit the current condition.

The ideas are vast that involves the design from various elements. You can have bedroom with classic, contemporary, medieval, eastern culture, minimalist, and modern theme. Moreover, this room should be adjusted with the owner.

Attractive Ideas for Teen Bedroom

Teen Bedroom

When talking about interesting ideas for bedroom, teens may create tons of lists at short time. Well, boys and girls try so hard to express what they have in mind. To know what their character, just look from their bedroom. Some examples are at below list.

  • Dark tone wallpaper and folded bed
  • Sport theme bedroom
  • Bedroom and their private playground
  • Bedroom with chalkboard and storage
  • Music or art gallery theme

There are many ideas for teen to decor their bedroom. Therefore, parent need to know their perspective that the room is not just for sleeping and rest. They will appreciate ultimately to paint the wall and add ornament based on what they want.

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

People who live in apartment or urban area do not have much space for unnecessary decoration. This is where you can try small bedroom ideas with minimalist approach. The ideas focus on functionality and practically in every furniture and space.

You can have one bedroom with storage and drawer. To keep personal stuffs, there are mini table and cupboard next to the bed. To enhance lighting, add desk lamp at table. The room is in plain white with no additional ornament or painting at all.

Nature Concept

Nature theme is one of recommended cool bedroom ideas. At first, the idea was only suitable in rural area where you do not need to worry about space. There, people built home with large backyard and added garden alongside playground for child. This is the real nature approach for home building.

For small bedroom, there are few alternatives without losing the nature atmosphere. You can add big and wide windows made of glass. It directs sunlight to reach the room and saves energy usage. Moreover, sunlight is the key for plant that you can put inside pot next to window rail planter.

Another idea is by using color approach and ornament. Replace old painting with new one that has natural affinity. Add ornaments which consist of leaves, tree, ocean, sky, forest, animal, and river. Basically, the idea brings nature feeling into your bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas for Men

Bedroom Ideas for Men

Men have different perspective when decorating bedroom. They put aside the flashy appearance that’s usually for teens. Most of decorations focus on representing hobby or what they have, such as car, family, and work.

On the other side, some of them are simple and do not put much effort to add many things on bedroom. They just put the main furnishings like bed, one table, and little storage. To keep simplicity, the bedroom is completed with closet and office. Well, simplicity is what makes cool bedroom ideas become popular this day.

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